If you live in the Los Angeles area and have tried to recruit exotic dancers for a private affair, chances are you’ve had some trouble. Since the area is greatly under served by exotic dancers, most Los Angeles strippers work as much as possible in the clubs, as shift availability allows. That means they are usually occupied at their usual clubs when you’d like be hiring them for your private event.

But all is not lost. The best Los Angeles strip club will offer private areas in which you can host your event with a touch more class and a little less sleaze than is typical of the main dancing rooms – no champagne purchase necessary. And what’s more, Los Angeles strippers tend to lean towards the smoking hot corn-fed all-American aesthetic, as small town girls move to the big city in search of work. Otherwise, Los Angeles attracts beautiful talent from around the country by way of the University, which is known for its good-looking girls.

So even though it isn’t the easiest thing to find a hot stripper in Los Angeles willing to make an outcall, it shouldn’t be much trouble to find a private place in one of Los Angeles’s nicest strip clubs to enjoy a dance or two, a massage, and some drinks with your friends. If you are, however, looking for the hottest strippers to call to your home, you would be well-served checking with an elite stripper service that specializes in that, or else begging your favorite girl at a club to make some time in her schedule for your special event.