Last month my friend Bob asked me if I wanted to be his best man for his wedding coming up in July. I was honored that he chose the first, but it could not have come at a worse time because I am financially in shambles because of the unstable economy. I still accepted daunting task of playing his ultimate bachelor party. I had to do creative financing by collecting money from all of the participants who’ll show up to this party. The only stress I had was making sure that I had top-notch talent enough alcohol to get an elephant drunk.

One of my friends owns a liquor store in the up with a nice discount on bottles of Belvedere, grey goose vodka, Yeager Meister, and other top shelf liquors. I was still pretty bummed on the choices that I have found online until I came across a company called hunks and babes strippers. I ended up calling the company and ended up talking to a girl named Christy who was nice enough to get me through the entire process.

Hunks and babes took the guess work out of how many dancers to have, what type of shows to order, and what time to have them. Christy recommended the top girls to come to my party based on the shyness of the group that I will have. It turns out the girls were amazing. They were very interactive and great personalities. They participated with all of my guests and made sure that everyone had a great time.

There was not one guy in the room that did not have a good time. I have a party in my living room which ended up getting trashed, but at least it did not run out of alcohol in the girls that showed up were more gorgeous. I would think hunks and babes for helping to throw the most successful bachelor party ever!