1. I had no idea they had flight control room footage. Such a disaster, made
    more real to see real human emotion and reactions.

  2. Comparison of other speed, and traectory angles of past flights is
    suggested in the process, for closures in other matters related to the
    accident/incident. Re-entry, and takeoff, are the two most dangerous
    components of the Space Transporter Shuttles operating environment.
    Operational permeters the bottom fuselage area are able to operate in can
    be breached in a Space Re-entry window procedure in which the wrong pitch,
    yawl, or angle of the Space Transporter Shuttle causes a higher friction

  3. I was just nine when this happened. I remember coming home from primary
    school and seeing this on TV. It is something that will stay with me for a
    long, long time.

  4. people like you are like cancer of the society. Sure, w/e you say, why dont
    you go to be an insider to know exactly whats going on, rather than giving
    this theory, that theory, conspiracy this and that, my ass!

  5. I doubt it was instantaneous inside that spacecraft. There would have been
    internal alarms and noises as the vehicle began losing it’s structural
    integrity. There was likely vibrations, cracks, etc that let them know the
    vehicle was coming apart. going from living, breathing, warm, heart
    beating….to not, is always a struggle.

  6. I can’t even imagine how that must have felt in mission control. Just a
    sickening disgusting cold feeling.

  7. No BBC. The question is, what is it with you people and dramatising music?
    You did the same with the nature programs, why? Has it not occurred to you
    that we might just be intelligent enough to react correctly emotionally
    without the aid of an Opera. Please consider this in future. 

  8. 3:29 Well, if you’re in and exploding shuttle 38 miles in the air, you
    would die, you would all die. No-one would be able to survive

  9. already 11yrs since it happened.. i can still see and feel it like i was
    watching it live just yesterday…
    true heroes, sacrificed their life for science and mankind….RIP heroes..

  10. Ground Control to Major Tom, Your circuits dead, There’s something wrong
    Can You Hear Me Mighty Tom,, Can You Hear Me Mighty Tom.. Can You Hear Me
    Mighty Tom..

  11. I was young when this happened. I still remember the sound of the
    explosion. It was so loud.. It sounded like a bomb went off. :-(

  12. Be happy till you are alive…. be it in any situation… You never know ,
    the next moment you might not even exist….

  13. I wonder what it would feel like to die like that. They probably got
    whipped around for a half second then got obliterated by re-entry heat.
    Sorry. Anyways RIP crew. Thanks for your service.

  14. scooter is he went to jail for trafficking that means he was getting kilos
    from colombia which he clearly talks about in his music lol

  15. Soo I’m the only that sees all that “illuminati” symbols all over Gucci Man

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