1. 5′ 2″ and 90 pounds is skinny and below ideal, but it’s indeed still a
    normal and healthy weight, not underweight nor anorexic. That faculty
    doctor got some issue there.

  2. Welcome back..Welcome back daniel. We missed ya. Tommy’s boring ass was
    warming you’re seat for ya.

    A lot of people dont know that a lot of universities try to find ways to
    kick out minorities in a discrete manner of course. Theres a term for this
    at the moment it is lost to me. But, I remember there was a writing test
    when I was a freshman back in the day where if you didnt pass then you get
    kicked out. This test was secretly meant to weed out minorities where
    English was there second language. Dont put it pass a public institution to
    do something racist. 

  3. I’m 5’1 & the last time I weighted myself was for a Dr. Appointment & I was
    85 Lbs. They didn’t say anything only that im healthy.

    The average weight for a girl my age & hight is aroun 118 lbs. 

  4. With the skinny girl it’s funny, because if she were 200lbs they’d be all
    like “love your curves…you’re thick and fluffy not fat!” 

  5. That awkward moment when you’re 5”2 and 125. It’s probably just metabolism
    like they say, the girl is naturally skinny, as long as she’s eating
    healthy and enough calories a day, it should be okay, but even then you
    have no proof she has a disorder. It’s too skinny though 90 pounds…

  6. American population as a whole is getting so fat that when they see a
    healthy person they think there has to be something wrong with them….

  7. little advice, don’t call someone a son of a bitch if you’re trying to
    defend his own mother. o.O

  8. Would you believe what im seeing 😮 Casey! it’s so rare seeing him on JK
    news i better catch him in a pokeball D:< Tho i do miss my homeboy David :(

  9. it’s really stupid how judgmental people are.. a friend of mine, who is
    japanese, is veeeery skinny but she eats by far the most out of the whole
    group of friends. we had a friend, who actually had anorexia years ago, and
    was hospitalized, and the people there wouldn’t let her hin to visit her,
    cause they thought, she is a girl with anorexia too, that want’s to tell
    the girl in the hospital, to keep not eating……. that really hurt her so
    much, cause she is her closest friend.

  10. That’s just fucking discrimination to put the girl on medical leave. Now
    she’s forced to make herself unhealthy just to enroll in one of the
    toughest and most competitive school in the world. that’s fucking crazy!!
    Is the lady that told the girl to get fat white? No offense to white people
    eveywhere but that sounds like something specifically a white lady would
    do… Conform you to their standards and their system. Other races might
    just tries to bring you down and patronize you and make you feel like shit
    but white ladies want you to follow their ways and believes

  11. Haah! I consider 5’2 and 90lbs to be slim though.
    I happen to be 5’2 and 104lbs and my western friends call me normal weight
    and my parents call me flabby. Lots of the Asian girls I know are like 5’7
    and weigh less than me and they eat cake and pasta ALL the time.
    But I am the rare Asian girl that can easily gain weight. LOL.
    I feel slightly offended by the stereotype that all Asian girls can easily
    be ‘skinny’ I’m not even unhealthy, I exercise and eat healthy food most of
    the time and I will never be able to get to 90lbs.
    -From a plus sized Asian girl

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