San Diego strippers sue city, cops; say club inspection turned into photo peep
Strippers in Southern California are suing the city after they said a squad of vice cops went over the line during an inspection of their club, corralling them in a locker room for hours and snapping "nearly nude" pics of them. Dancers at the Cheetahs …
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How male strippers stopped a gun-toting G-string thief
The struggle continued with more strippers coming to help, and Kadmiri fell back on the floor with the strippers on top of him. Fardell said he noticed Kadmiri was wearing under his jeans the blue Calvin Klein underpants that Te Puke wears in the show.
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Heart doctor allegedly swindled out of 5G at Scores details how he was
That's one naughty nurse! A swindling stripper was able to scam a heart doctor out of more than $ 135,000 by posing as a nursing student, according to court papers. Now the duped doc is fighting back. Dr. Zyad Younan, 41, says he was out to dinner with …
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Lawyer for stripper in alleged crime ring says customers just have 'buyer's
Rosen and three other strippers are accused of drugging and robbing high-roller clients they found at Scores in Manhattan and Roadhouse NYC in Queens by using their credit cards to rack up major charges totaling nearly $ 200,000. Roadhouse manager …
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