1. damnnnn i bet them pussies be stanking i could never do a job like this
    going face first in someones crotch hahahah hell no

  2. Have you tried Shape X Booster? (check it out on google) It is a quick way
    for you to get rid of fat fast.

  3. Todd and Danii loved that by their reactions. Lol! Especially Todd, he was
    dumbfounded and thoroughly entertained 😀

  4. Not a bad performance guy’s! In a reply for Kathy Lee Gifford’s 60th
    Birthday: To bad she is so far away, we could bring her the Ultimate Gift!,
    a Strip O Gram! See the Scorpion torturing a lady in a Beauty Salon for her
    Birthday! After he tortures her with his singing, he stands on his head and
    removes his pants! It’s on this Channel and our tom butler productions web

  5. FUCKING YUM! the reason why i watch this show! so full of yummy suprises 😉

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