1. That is the saddest excuse for entertainment I have ever witnessed
    .Someone should take those mics. and beat those zero talent idiots to death
    with them and then pull their damn pants up.Now that would be

  2. thank god for the nigger race otherwise fat, smelly, illiterate woman
    wouldn’t have jobs – thank you niggers for liking nasty ass ho’s 

  3. Some people think just throwing one dollar bills is cheap.Look at some of
    these women,one dollar is hard to come by in the public housing
    complex, they can save the EBT card for food..

  4. those kind of video are so controversyve if people don’t like strip , then
    they just have to get the fuck out of here , seriously !

  5. wack ass shit including the strippers my advise to these wanna be rappers
    keep those dollars for your upcoming child support…

  6. Came across this by accident while looking for music sets in bars. Who the
    hell watches this crap?

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